Sunday, July 26, 2009

Back in Nairobi

Hey guys, just checking in from Nairobi. We left Kibwezi on Saturday around 130 and got into Nairobi around 600. It was sad to say goodbye, but I think we're all just about ready to get home. Greg left flash drives for all the teachers containing the Sugar manual, a manual for the XOs, and one he typed up that details all the activities and how to use them. He also left flash drives with all the activities and the operating system in case something goes wrong with the computers. Friday afternoon, we moved all the laptops to a new room where shelves were built and electricity was installed so that the teachers don't have to deal with the same problem we did in terms of storage space and carrying laptops to and from the school every day. We had been storing them in the polytechnic computer classroom and carrying them in carry on suitcases, which weighed about 40 pounds each. This new storage location willmake it much easier for the laptops to be retrieved. We left with a good feeling about the project, knowing we did our part as best we could and trusting that things will proceed in our absence.

Tomorrow, we'll be visiting the Rift Valley area and on Tuesday we're visiting a hospital in Nairobi. Our flight leaves from the Nairobi airport on Wednesday night, around 11 pm, and we'll arrive in DC on Thursday around 145pm local time. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we relax and travel around!



  1. Hi Kate,

    If you have a moment in Nairobi on Tuesday or Wednesday, I'd love to meet up and hear your adventures first-hand. I am in town for the week and can be reached on 0736 098 438

  2. Kate and Greg, I have sent email separately in response to one at my MSN Bo Braxton