Tuesday, July 28, 2009

One Last Quick Update!

Hey, all! Just one last update from Kenya. We've been spending the last few days in Nairobi, doing tourist-y things and trying to enjoy ourselves before we travel home. We're all sitting in the hotel using the XOs we're taking back to the states to get internet-- haha!

We leave tomorrow night to come back to the states, so keep us in your prayers until then. Keep on the lookout for tons of pictures sometime fairly soon!



  1. Very happy to be on the ground back in Virginia, U.S.A.
    Looking forward to more writing.
    Please let Bob know any help / participation on long questionnaire the group must fill out for OLCPorps

  2. Kate, I have been following your post about OLPC deployment at Kibwezi with alot of concern. Professionally i am a high school teacher but working not near Kibwezi. I was born and brought up in Kibwezi and was not happy with the frustrations you were getting from the teachers. I wish they knew.

    I visited you group while at Kibwezi on 29/7/2011 but on managed talked to David Norman and Bob. We shared alot with David in the presence of Mr. Eric the computer teacher. Some of the frustrations you got were also reported by Eric. He was very categorical that he doesn't get enough time and support from the administration to use the XO laptops as he wishes to have.

    You left to US with fear of the laptops being left to dust. Let me assure you i will do serious follow up to make sure the kids benefit. Ministry of Education in Kenya has a policy regarding ICT in education which if followed you fears will be over.

    I can also be contacted through my email- shedrackmutungi@yahoo.com or mutungi.sm@gmail.com

    Shedrack Mutungi
    ICT Champion Mwatate Constituency