Monday, July 20, 2009


We're back after a nice, relaxing weekend in Mombasa! We visited Ft. Jesus, shopped a little in "Old Town Mombasa," went to Bamburi Quarry (where we were promptly rained on), and spent the rest of our time at the beach. On Sunday we went to church in the city, and it was nice to see another place of worship different from all the others we've visited.

Just a little bit of laptop news. While in Mombasa, we met up with Brian & Priyanka, who are staying north of Mombasa in a little village, as mentioned previously. We were able to get the software we needed from them and talk a bit about our deployments. We've got very different groups, ours being 21 and theirs being only the two of them, but it was really nice being able to hear feedback from another team.

This week we've only got four days of classes, since Friday is Field Day all day! Plus, we're taking Tuesday afternoon off to visit a cicil plantation, so we've got a lot of work to cram in to the next few days! On Saturday around noon, we're off to Nairobi and on Wednesday night we fly back to the states. Suddenly things are so busy around here! I'm hopeful that the teachers are able to teach at least Thursday's classes, if not Wednesday's as well.


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