Thursday, July 2, 2009

Unexpected Greetings from Nairobi

We landed in Nairobi last night just before 9:00 PM, and both of our flights went smoothly. We're staying in a guest house run by the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) for two nights before heading over to Kibwezi tomorrow (or I suppose, technically *this*) morning. All 100 laptops are still accounted for. However, I'm sure that we looked like quite the circus trying to get our 100 laptops (18 of us had 5 laptops through security. There is really no graceful way to go about doing something like that. Remember, 18 of us each had 5 laptops in one of our carry ons, and I personally was carrying 10!

I tried to download as many potentially school related collections (including chemistry, biology, and the new testament of the bible in swahili) as I could to put on the XOs before leaving Virginia. Since I doubt that we'll be getting good internet access while in Kibwezi (if at all) I feel like the pre-downloaded content (although addmittedly limited in breadth and scope) could help establish the laptops' use as educational tool. I also downloaded Tux Type. I do admit that typing is *not* a skill which is tested on the Kenyan national exams, but this learn-to-type program could definitely prove to beneficial when used on the students' own time. Hopefully I can get around to updating all the laptops once we're settled in at Kibwezi.

As I mentioned before, internet access in Kibwezi will likely be sporadic but Kate and I will do our best to keep you updated!

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